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Thai Cannabis Industry Association (TCIA) are a soon to be established non-governmental organisation that want to promote the growth of the medical cannabis industry in Thailand and the rest of South East Asia. We want to capture its fair share of the global cannabis industry and protect the Kingdom's resources.

Creating an industry that can thrive quickly and successfully requires unity and a common goal.  TCIA aims to be the member’s vehicle to lead this new and complex industry road-map, allowing all stakeholders to profit the soonest and to resolve roadblocks together. 


TCIA aims to be for the entire Supply Line, ranging from Growers to Exporters, Processors to Quality Assurance. Each have a common goal with individual silos of requirements that need a common viewpoint. 


TCIA will be the gateway to data, investors, technology and best practices.


TCIA will be the guardian of the Thai Cannabis Brand. 

In the lead up, TCIA will focus on helping shape the industry in phase one, then create a member consortium to develop local standards and provide industry operational information to all sources.

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Unity among the industry provide a common voice shape the community for all to flourish.  A key element is the have an Association that is open for all stakeholders.

Membership committees will recommend the formation of recommendation, standards, controls, ethics and inclusion.

Branding of the Thai produce is one of its major long term functions.  TCIA should ensure that Thai Cannabinoid products are synonymous with the highest quality, safety and ethically produced.

2019 should have a 3 phase approach to achieve the fundamentals of the association's creation

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TCIA's long term scope objectives:


  1. Sector Engagement 

  2. Investment relations

  3. Awareness

  4. Government Affairs - local/international

  5. Education

  6. Standards

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